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Which brands I use

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MV Skintherapy is a pioneer in the field of luxury, plant-powered, and small batch skincare.

Founded in 1999 inspired by the treatment of sensitivity, celebrity facialist Sharon McGlinchey has set a precedent in the industry with her unique, refreshing and honest approach to skin health. We believe in the power of simplicity, that less is more - and that skin health should embody a holistic approach, using the grounding art of ritual to transform an everyday 'routine' into an essential act of loving self-care.

Crafted from the purest ingredients and formulated solely for their beautiful, natural affinity with your skin - this is MV Skintherapy.

Pure beauty inspired by nature.
Doctor Eckstein has always been committed to producing superior skincare products by combining the best of nature with the strength of science.
With over 100 products available, they offer a skincare solution for every skin type and condition.
Since its founding in 1949, every product has been developed and manufactured at its company headquarters in the lush region of Oberasbach, Germany.
Doctor Eckstein products are only available through qualified beauty therapists.

It is clear why MV Skintherapy and Doctor Eckstein feel right at home with Rosi Barkemeyer, where the heart of the salon is about all things real, natural and nurturing.

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